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The Family & Friends Support Committee for Pascual Carpenter is calling for an end to the draconian Felony-Murder Rule in New York and for a commutation of Pascual’s outrageous prison sentence.  As a guilt by association law, the felony murder rule is the most controversial tool used by prosecutors to secure murder convictions of anyone involved in a lesser but remotely connected felony, regardless of whether the person intended, aided witnessed or sanctioned any lethal altercation.  Today, thousands of men and women across the country are serving life-sentences for homicides they did not commit, assist or anticipated.

Particularly a bright and multi-talented writer, Pascual is one such person who – after 23 years in prison 0 has server more than the average sentence imposed for actually killing someone.  Yet, having learned a life altering lesson, Pascual has continuously engaged every self-improving program at his disposal to become as Dr. Carl Mazza, Professor of social work remarked:

“A fine man, intelligent, insightful, thoughtful… I’ve worked with hundreds of incarcerated men and I know few who have the potential, insight, and self-discipline as Pascual Carpenter.”

As parents, students, professors, clergy, and criminal justice professionals, we recognize the tragic loss of a young man named Brian Watkins and empathize with the pain of his caring family.  They remain in our prayers.  We also recognize, however, that justice is never served by the blanket prosecution of several teenagers with a one-size-fit all punishment, while ignoring the individual levels of culpability.  Yet this is exactly what the felony-murder rule demands.  This is unacceptable.

We urge you therefore, to stand up for true equity and a fair sense of redemption.  Please take a few moments at this site to learn about:

  • The problematic injustices of the Felony-Murder Rule
  • The person Pascual Carpenter has become today
  • The goal and purpose and scope of Executive Clemency
  • How you can register your support
  • Thank you for your kind consideration and needed support.

Toward that end, we will make every effort to:

  •  Help people to know Pascual.
  • Educate the public about what happened in this case.
  • Inform the community about the laws and how they are being applied.
  • Bring this case to the attention of politicians, celebrities or anyone who may be willing to become involved and provide assistance in some way for Pascual’s appeal.

Our goal is not to hurt the Watkins’ but to help Pascual. We love Pascual and we will never turn away from him and our efforts to right this injustice.

Committee Members

  • Samuel Petit, I T Supporter
  • Dr. W. Wetherbee, Prof of English
  • Suzan Tipograph, Legal attorney
  • Alexandra Charpentier, student
  • Ronald Smith, Musician
  • Rev. Alison Alpert, Reentry NY
  • Telio Deetjen, Filmmaker
  • Dr. C. Mazza, Prof. of Social Work
  • Martine Charpentier, Nurse
  • Marlene Smith, Mother
  • Deirdre Sinnott, Author

For additional information, please email




One Comment

  1. Everyone deserves a second chance. I wish him the best. Stay strong. The Felony Murder Rule should be abolished.

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