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Category Archives: Take Action

How You Can Help Pascual

  • Please contribute what you can! Donations are needed.
  • Spread the word – Email 20 others right now and tell them about If you have a Web site, copy this link to our home page. Introduce us to anyone who you know that may be able and willing to help: friends, celebrities, media, politicians, lawyers, judges, teachers, authors, ANYONE! Let us know about opportunities to speak to parents, kids, churches, community organizations, etc. If you have a local talk radio program in your area we’d like to share.
  • Use your political clout – Information on how to write to Governer Cuomo coming soon!
  • Please pray for Pascual and the others – Ask that God’s will keep Pascual and the others safe. Pray that they not be discouraged or give up hope. Ask God to guide our efforts. Pray that God will speed up the wheels of the system and touch people’s hearts with a yearning for justice, not just for Pascual, but for all.
  • Pray for the Watkins family that they may find peace, comfort and healing. It is not our desire to bring additional pain to the family, but in order to find justice for Pascual and others, we must continue to raise the issues in this case.