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A 30-page petition has been submitted to New York Governor Adrew Cuomo, requesting a grant of Executive Clemency to Mr. Pascual Carpenter who was unjustly convicted of a murder he did not commit.

At 18, Pascual Carpenter was arrested for a robbery – something he readily admits foolishly participating in as a Look-Out. Unbelievably, however, he was also charged for homicide that someone else had already confessed responsibility for. Despite never having caused, intended, aided, seen, or foreseen the death of anyone, Pascual was convicted of 2nd degree murder and given the harshest sentence possible under New York law: 25 years to life.

We humbly urge anyone visiting this page to read the annexed petition (Clemency Portfolio and 2012 Clemency Addendum for Pascual Carpenter) to understand WHY Pascual’s case warrants your attention and support. We are certain you will agree that Pascual’s continued incarceration after more than 21 (trans-formative) years in prison for a murder he did not commit is unjust.

While browsing please take a moment to read some important articles and documents found on this page.


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